Forex Meta Trader VPS (Virtual Private Server)



VPS for FOREX Traders and Online Professionals

FOREX trading is an internet intensive business.  A VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a computer in a remote data center that traders access from their home or work PC.  The advantages of using a VPS or fully dedicated remote server are many:

These facilities are usually in hardened facilities with multiple redundant power and network backups.  When leasing a dedicated or virtual dedicated server, you are piggybacking on their investment in infrastructure.  Anyone could build their own hardened facility in their backyard, but don’t think it can be done for less than $250,000.  Just the purchasing of a power generator can run from $2,500 to $10,000 and more, and still would only offer a small amount of power extension time comparing with those purchased by server facilities.

FOREX Trading is not the only use of such facilities; in fact any online business can utilize VPS technologies.  For example, a VPS could be used to make regular backups of strategic corporate files.  Physical backup systems can be expensive and human error can result in the incorrect backup of critical data.

Running any online business, including working professionals, need a suite of robust internet related services.  A virtual office is your online office where you can access your business from wherever you are. Order now and get your Free Secure Email Certificate!

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How is FX System Hosting Different than other VPS services?

FX System Hosting offers full dedicated Windows servers and Virtual servers.  This could be used for installing Meta Trader 4 terminal, however it is not restricted for this use, it could be used for anything a normal Windows based server would be used for.  Install up to 20 MT4 terminals on a high powered (such as Quad-Core) dedicated server.

FX System Hosting offers internet services in addition to VPS and dedicated servers such as:

An account at FX System Hosting will allow you to consolidate your online purchases with one source offering a plethora of online services and products under one account.  FX System Hosting offers one of the most competitive pricing mechanisms on the market, with offers such as $1.99 .COM domain names and $19.99 .EU domain names.

Dedicated Servers are great for traders, online professionals, and mobile workers who are on the go. Connect remotely using remote control software from anywhere with an internet connection.

Special Offers

Any order of marketing or internet marketing services on FX System Hosting is eligible for free SEO package (value $199) from Vector Informatics.

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The two main goals of the project are:

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